How Grit And A Treadmill

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Through the use of GRIT and a treadmill this article shows that you can improve aspects of your life. This article will also describe previous research and articles about GRIT. You will also find information defining GRIT as well as what it means to have GRIT. Furthermore you will read about how the subject used GRIT to make gains on his run time and how it relates to this researcher’s topic. You may also find a review of other works along with basic descriptions of what was found. There will also be a description of the researcher’s hypothesis and what the researcher hopes to accomplish by conducting this experiment. This paper will discuss the results along with the interpretation as well as what may have possibly gone wrong. Then finally there will a list of reference where he derived most of his inspiration to write this paper as well as found relevant information that made this paper possible. The most detailed parts of this paper will be the accounts of his method and hypothesis. The literature review will only briefly recall bits and pieces of other research papers due to the similarities in the topics each mentions. The results will be short because there is only so much to describe. The discussion will go more into explaining the results and their meaning. The purpose for writing this paper is that through reading this you, the reader, shall come to understand what the researcher did and why he did it. He did this to underline how GRIT is important in…
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