How Habits Can Improve Your Own Survival

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As a human we strive for a basic need for survival and do whatever we can to guarantee our survival. We do things consciously and subconsciously in order to guarantee that we have optimal characteristics for survival. A large part of surviving is being able to form positive habits that help to guarantee our existence. We form habits in order for our own survival because we need habits in order to perform tasks easier and be conscious of our surroundings, it helps clear our thinking, habits are a part of our instincts, and habits are a part of moving the human race forward through natural selection and reproduction. Habits form by constant repetition over time. The more we repeat an action the easier it becomes to do and we are therefore able to perform the task faster and better until we reach a point where we don’t realize we are doing it anymore. For example, if an individual is making a sandwich in their own home and is trying to maintain a conversation with another person on the phone that individual would be better able to hold the conversation because they are in a familiar environment and their habit of making a sandwich would help clear their mind rather than having to look for items and being distracted by unfamiliarity, as opposed by being in a friend’s kitchen and trying to make a sandwich while holding a conversation. They will have to stop and think about what they are doing and won’t be able to focus completely on the conversation while still doing the task at
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