How Hardware And Software Is Necessary

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What Hardware and Software is needed to create and edit graphical images.
• Monitor – Visually Displaying the image on Screen, they come in a very of different sizes and resolutions. The monitor is an output device where is receives information from the computer to display the image on the screen in the form of pixels. This data usually comes from the Graphics Card or the integrated graphics within the processor outputted by the motherboard. This connects to the computer either via HMDI, VGA, DVI or Thunderbolt.
• Graphics Card – display the data on the screen. These consist of small pixels but many millions of them. So the graphics card is a translator and takes binary data from the CPU and turns it into a picture you can see on the monitor. Unless there is an integrated GPU built in with the motherboard then this replaces it. It’s connected to the motherboard by slotting in the PCI slot which is shown with the arrow. Also there is a power cable which is connected to it from the PSU and a cable to connect to the monitor (VGA, HDMI and DVI). It is required in order to reduce the power output from the CPU needed to display the image. This allows the CPU to perform other background tasks whilst the GPU can deal with displaying the Graphical data.
• Graphics Tablet – Easing the ability to create, edit images, it’s an Alternative from using a mouse.
• Hard Drive – A hard drive is similar to RAM however its stores data permanently rather than temporarily. This is stored
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