How Harper Lee explores the theme of prejudice in the novel To kill

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How Harper Lee explores the theme of prejudice in the novel To kill a mockingbird?

Harper Lee explores the theme of prejudice in her novel, set in a small town called Maycomb. Maycomb County was, and still is, situated in the state of Alabama. Alabama is a state of The United States of
America. 'To kill a mockingbird'. What does this mean and in what ways are they shown in the novel? It is a sin to kill a mockingbird because it does not do any harm or faults to a person, but just sing its heart out to them people. The voice of a mockingbird is a 'sweet' voice and they sing songs. It is like killing someone or something that is innocent and hasn't done anything to harm. This does take place in this novel by Harper Lee. The
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They blacks were not even counted as part of the community in Maycomb. They have their own community and society keep them out of normal life and put them into shame and the whites give the blacks grief and put them into misery. The whites and blacks have two completely separate communities. Harper Lee also explores hierarchy into this community in Maycomb. There is definitely a hierarchy in Maycomb. The wealthy and well- educated white-coloured
'men' are on top of the list. They are hen followed by heir wives. The wives in the families are lower classed than the men in the family.
The wives have to work at home and do housework. They are not allowed to get jobs because the husbands do not want to get embarrassed and get looked down upon by the community and society of Maycomb. The middle-class white men follow the wives of white men and the middle-class are followed by their wives. The Finch's are considered being a high-class family. This is because Atticus Finch, who is a lawyer, gets paid at a reasonable amount. The Finch's are also famous in the community of
Maycomb because of their great ancestry. After the middle-class people, the Ewell's follow. The Ewell family is not liked by the whole society because their family is one of the poor families of Maycomb
County. While Tom Robinson's, a black man who was found guilty of raping a white girl, the daughter of Bob Ewell himself. The jury in the courtroom had 'no women'in it showed how prejudices
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