How Has Barbie Changed In The 1960's

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Barbie has evolved over the years representing many cultures while also showing the change in fashions interests and beliefs related to change in time. Barbie has changed and has donned dozens of costumes and styles. As the love for Barbie is greatly increasing the manufacturer of the idolized doll has expanded its "Fashionista" line, releasing more new Barbies according to people’s interests and beliefs.

Barbie's image has changed frequently over the years to keep up with changing clothing styles and image of womanhood. Barbie has represented beauty and fashion for decades. During the 1960s Barbie wore stylish designer suits like those worn by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, while also adopted the looks with miniskirts and white go-go boots. However, during the 1970s the clothes for Barbie were designed to fit the glitz and glamour of the decade. While during the 80s female power opened many opportunities for women due to which Barbie dressed in the different outfits of many professions that were then available for women. The eighties also saw the introduction of ethnic Barbies, such as Black, Latin, and Asian Barbie dolls.
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Many people have criticized Barbie's figure for being unrealistic for a woman, so a new doll is introduced with a more natural shape that resembles an average woman. However, Barbie now also comes in seven different skin tones, twenty-two different eye colours and twenty-four hairstyles and different body types, including tall, curvy, and petite to satisfy people with concerns. Like the changes in her fashions, Barbie’s changes reflect the changing look of women through the decades, evolving from the glamorous to the more natural look. While feminists also grew angry with Barbie in 1990 when the talking Barbie said Maths is hard. This had a negative impact in the society as it insulted the intelligence of a woman. Barbie also creates controversy as it contradicts the social beliefs of
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