How Has Cancer Affected My Family

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Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among the world. Cancer affects almost every family in the United States and if it hasn’t then you should consider yourself lucky! I know that this terrible disease has affected my family tremendously. When I say that it has affected my family, I mean that it tore our world apart! Breast Cancer is something that I hold dear to my heart and will almost always be involved with in some way, shape, or form. Back in 2010 the matriarch of my family, which would be my granny, was diagnosed with the terrible disease we call CANCER! No one in my family expected anything like this to happen, especially to her. But then again, who does expect this to happen to someone close to them? I do not believe for a second that anyone in this world is mentally, physically, nor emotionally prepared to be struck with this type of news about someone they love and care for. I know that myself nor my family were prepared to be told the devastating news. Once I were told the news about my granny all that could run through my head were negative things such as what would happen if she were to pass away and what myself and my family would do without this wonderful human being. There are so many negative and crazy thoughts that came to mind and it was very hard to be positive in a time like that.…show more content…
After many chemotherapy sessions, it became clear that the chemo was truly killing her! Of course, when you are in a situation where your life is involved you begin to do any an everything that comes to mind to help the big problem. With that being said, granny flew to Houston Texas to the cancer center to begin a new type of chemo. Once she arrived in Houston she decided she no longer wanted to go through with chemo, she told us she believed that we needed to put it in the Lords hands and let him handle
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