How Has Farming Changed In Sweden From 1900 To 2000

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R.Q: How has farming changed in Sweden from 1900 to 2000? W.C: 400-500 CRITERIA: A, B (lll), C DUE DATE: 17th May 2016 STRUCTURE: Intro (100) Main Idea (250) Conclusion (100) att-lara- oss-mer- om.html Introduction: This is an essay about farming in Sweden and how it has changed over a period of time (1900-2000). Farming has always been an important factor for Swedish economy and lifestyle. 100 years ago, half of the Swedish population were farmers. Not many remains farmers today. Today, about 6.8 % of Sweden’s land is cultivated with crops. However it isn’t easy to be a farmer for economically reasons. Farmers doesn’t get paid a lot. Most of these farms are small. In 2000, …show more content…

000 kr Police 29. 745 kr high school teacher 29. 181 kr doctor 51. 398 kr painter 24. 702 kr librarian 26. 908 kr Today, most farmers are quite old and doesn’t have people to replace them. This makes them anxious about the future and some prefer to sell them to industries or to other families in order to ensure a good future for their animals and crops. Another factor that makes the amount of farmers decrease is that they move to the mainstream. Exactly like tribes in India move to bigger cities, farmers in Sweden wants a better future for their children and wants to live in bigger cities too. Conclusion: The amount of farmers in Sweden the last 100 years has decreased a lot. There are different reasons for why: 1. Industries buy the farmers’ products very cheap and sell them more expensive. 2. They doesn’t get a lot of economical help from the government. Their salary is very low comparing to other jobs. 3. Most farmers are quite old and doesn’t have someone to replace them, so they sell their farm to ensure a better future for them. 4. To ensure a better future for their children and themselves, they move to the

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