How Has Feminism Influenced Music

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Has feminism influenced music in the last 30 years? Introduction Feminism and music have long been combined throughout the 1900’s. However, in my essay I will be attempting to answer the question of has feminism influenced music, particularly in the last 30 years. The near infinite variation of feminism expressed in a range of different types of music genres has led to many interesting and empowering assortments of music being established. One such genre is punk music, which is the most popular genre to be combined with feminism, to create hard hitting and powerful bands, which were most commonly formed, in particular, in the 1970s and 1990s. I will be investigating in this essay, in particular, questions such as what has been the most significant impact of feminism and music, and how this began to get popular, to help me answer the ultimate question of ‘has feminism influenced music in the last 30 years?’, and I will be exploring both sides of the argument and explaining both arguments for and against in detail. Has feminism influenced music? One argument that suggests feminism hasn’t influenced music in the past 30 years is that recent artists are still protesting against gender inequality. For example, Beyoncé wrote an essay called “gender quality is a myth!” in 2011. Which included statistics that proved that modern society is in fact dominated by men. The source I used is an online…show more content…
Before Riot Grrrls devoted their music to feminism, there was a small numbers of punk bands in the 1970’s, including examples such as the Slits and X-ray Spex, that used to dedicate a large amount of their music to improving women’s rights and the way they were treated. However, is this really how feminism in music started to get popular? Furthermore, I will also be investigating when feminism started being incorporated into music, to help me answer the sub question: When did Feminism in music start to get more
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