How Has It Had An Impact On Australian Culture?

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Populate or Perish

Australia was in a time of crisis during World War 2 (1945) when they were threatened by the Japanese invasions. Australia did not have a big population at that time resulting in not have a strong defence to protect Australia. The Department of Immigration that was created then strongly urged that Australia needed an increase in its population by at least 1% each year. They needed a plan to gain a huge population; they needed to populate or perish!

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. History 2.1. History of populate or perish 2.2. The need for a migration scheme
3. Ten Pound Poms
4. White Australia policy 4.1. What is the White Australia policy? 4.2. Removal of the white Australia policy
5. How has it had an impact on Australian culture?
6. Conclusion
7. References

World War 2 had occurred during the periods between 1939 to around 1945 and Australia had the constant fear of being invaded by the Japanese. They had already attacked the American 's navy forces at Pearl Habor which was at Hawaii, USA in late 1941 as well as the attack of the Malay Peninsula which was near Malaysia. The Japanese had also captured Singapore and Australia was Japan 's next place they had planned to attack. Australia 's prime minister at that time, John Curtin realised that Australia did not have the forces of military and people to…
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