How Has Nostalgia Changed Over Time

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“History does not change, but what we want from it does” The term ‘retro’ carries a pervasive, if somewhat imprecise meaning; gradually creeping into daily usage over the past thirty years with few attempts to define it: usually used to describe cultural predisposition and personal taste, carrying nostalgic associations. Scientific literature on nostalgia usually refer to nostalgia regarding the personal life. Smell, touch and music are strong evokers of nostalgia, with recollections of one’s past usually being important events, people one cares about and places where one many have spent time. Nostalgic preferences, the belief that the past was better than the present, has been linked to partisanship in memory. The definition of nostalgia has changed massively over time, as it was once being considered a medical condition similar to that of homesickness. However, nostalgia now is considered to be a maverick and…show more content…
Martens. The footwear and clothing brand was released in the UK in the 1960’s and would have been worn by skinheads, punks and various other subcultures during the 1980’s. The boots and shoes came to their peak popularity in the 1990’s as grunge culture arose. Soon after in the 2000’s they were re-released under the AirWair name and came in dozens of different styles rather than just the original, standard eight-eyelet boot and are as popular now as they were back then due to influences such as the popular film This Is England and the ever growing in popularity 1990’s grunge band, Nirvana. For the children of the late 1970’s, going through their adolescent years during the 1980’s, Dr. Martens would have been all the rage, seen by none sub-cultures as being associated with rebellion and anarchy, with the desire to adopt that rebellious and edgy
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