How Has Sexualization Affected Family? Essay

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Introduction Sexual content of any nature was considered devils play in the highly Catholic society that was North America, up until early to middle 20th Century (Noble, 2013). There has been a fast swing in the Pendulum of Life as now today’s society has become extremely sexualized. This has lead to negative affects on both males and females in numerous ways. As various aspects of culture have primarily targeted females over the past several generations, this has been used to expand multiple industries. Males have predominantly contributed to this, but just as very well been negatively affected by this as well. Developing from past generations of media tabloids, advertising and twisting the cultural views on sex taboo and symbols, have…show more content…
M. Scott, 2008). Actors and singers have such a large impact on people because they are looked at as being sex symbols for wearing revealing clothing. Hollywood does their job very well by taking images of what the paparazzi actually take and distort the image to the point where their bodies and faces do not actually look like that in real life. As these stars tend to wear revealing clothing it sends messages like you need to be wearing less clothes to be considered sexy. The sex glorifying music industry perceives sex to be a male dominated culture and demoralizes women using names such as hoes or bitches. This type of media is designed for a specific target audience that is considered in trend with today’s society. That target audience is of younger generation people, where they are able to make explicit puns about porn or sexuality for a younger humor (K. M. Scott, 2008). Sexual puns such as these are used because in the media because it brings in both males and females. Sex sells, women want to be them and men want to be with them. The sexualization in media taps into the exciting pleasure system of our brain, which in neurochemistry allowed dopamine to be released (K. M. Scott, 2008). Dr. Eberstadt and Dr. Layden are well-known doctors in their field of Sexual Trauma and psychopathy at The Witherspoon Institute. As they co-wrote this research book on Northern America being a sexualized society, they had very controversial

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