How Has Technology Changed Over The Years

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As we all know technology has improved throughout its years. Everywhere we look we see a screen, whether it’s a phone, a self scanner, or a self service screen in McDonalds. Technology is taking over everything and many people's jobs. When I get older I want to become an LPS (Licensed Practical Nurse). They basically draw blood,in charge of administering medicine, checking vital signs ,etc. So far technology has become a big part of this job. Many nurses or any person in the medical field uses technology to find the person's BP with just a press of a button. You can check the person's medical history with an iPad,laptop, phone any type of electronic device. In my opinion technology won't take over the job I want in the future because this has to do with people's well being. Even our phones glitch sometimes, what if we drop the iPad and it glitches and takes out what the patients allergic to. Technology could improve even more throughout the years , we never know. …show more content…

Many people today are afraid of needles anyways, imagine let's say a robot taking out your blood. I admit it would be cool, but what if water was dropped on the robot or machine , this could end catastrophically. Sure maybe it would make things faster and the hospital would have more patients,but sometimes it's better to do it manually (by hand). For example when you're doing a math problem you can plug everything in the calculator and get the exact answer, but you won't learn anything. It's like you're going to school to learn something that in the future, you won't need to know because robots and machines will be doing it for

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