How Has The Imf Intervention Portugal Affected The Public Subsidising Of Culture? Essay

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How has the IMF intervention in Portugal affected the public subsidising of culture?
An insight on the National Theatre D. Maria II

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The Government of Portugal requested a financial bailout to the IMF in 2011. Together with the commencement of the IMF intervention, a political crisis gives place to anticipated legislative elections and a right-wing colligation becomes in charge of implementing policy adjustments for the coming 4 years. Although not discarding the Portuguese political outlook, the current case study aims to assess if the IMF intervention in Portugal has affected the public subsidisation of the cultural sector and if so, to understand forms of cultural practice affected by that intervention.
To ensure a feasible and realistic framework, the current paper targets the National Theatre Dona Maria II (from now on TNDMII) as a representative institution to analyse given its dependence on state subsidies, its status as a public service provider and the fairly amount of information available regarding its activity within the Portuguese society. The paper will focus on the yearly Management and Accounts Reports of the TNDMII for the period comprehended from 2011 to 2014, National and European statistics, governmental resolutions and significant news. Despite controversies regarding the use of statistics, the current paper intends to carry a changes-through-time approach that only analytical data can sustain given the recent
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