How Have Celebrities Changed Over Time

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Celebrities were found all over the place whether it was on the baseball field or starring in movies. The upper class people changed others ways of life by starring in movies which gave other people jobs. Movie stars didn’t direct their own movies, and that is where the job came in for somebody to help make improvements and give instructions. Depending on the storyline of the show or movie, actors and actresses would change how they acted comparing to the good and bad in the time period the movie was representing. Some people didn’t know right from wrong since so much was changing, so they acted how they thought was right and what looked like more fun since celebrities acted differently in real life situations. This is where many women changed…show more content…
They finally got the right to vote in 1920 which was a huge step for America. However, since they could do that and it was a pretty big deal, they believed anything could be done and certainly acted on it. They had been bossed around for so many years and were finally done with being treated poorly and not as superior as men. Louise Benner stated in “A New Woman Emerges” that, “Society now accepted that women could be independant and make choices for themselves in education, jobs, marital status, and careers… the new woman was on her way.” Nobody around the area or almost anywhere had been used to women having a say in anything, so this was a big step for people to start treating genders equally. Everybody is his own person, and if we can’t be treated like that, it seems like society is taking away some people's possible opportunities. Many women who had husbands in war unfortunately lost them. That’s another reason women need more rights because if they lose their husband or whoever they are living with, it would be close to impossible to fend for themselves. Usually these women figured that they couldn’t do anything for themselves before so they didn’t think they could after the tragedy either. However, once women did gain confidence and felt they could do more for themselves, they commonly left home and went against everything they had been taught before. “The Great Gatsby” even shows that women did indeed change their looks along with their personalities. “The sister, Catherine, was a slender, worldly girl of about thirty with a solid sticky bob of red hair and a complexion powdered milky white (Fitzgerald 34).” Rather than staying with the victorian ways of life, her along with many others wanted a change. It seems like it would be a good idea to get out of a bad habitat where they were commonly treated like servants by their husbands and even
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