How Have Children Changed Over The Years

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Kids behavior have increased over the past years in many ways, some different things kids have changed is that they they think they can do whatever they want and act like if they're old enough to do anything. They don’t listen when they're told to do something or they don’t listen when they get punished they take everything as a joke and think they run the business.
Back then when we were kids we wouldn’t be as bad as kids nowadays, we would listen to most things and would behave when we could we didn’t have phone like kids do today we didn’t have any social media and if we did we wouldn’t be doing or saying anything big because social media has gotten more popular and more out there. Kids will be kids but sometimes there's a limit to what
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Kids will always misbehave but like i said there's always that limit and back then kids were as bad as they are now they were behaved and taught with respect well somewhere but they weren't as bad as kids now.
Back then when we were kids we really didn’t hear anything bad on the new but if you have paid attention there been kids bringing drug, guns and other things to school and it crazy because where did all this come from where is the discipline from their parents, things like this wouldn’t be happening if there parents step in and do something about it instead of just sitting around and laughing at it thinking it’s nothing when really it just showing them how they're going to be later in life and if it get out of control that's going to be they way they will grow up into.
If parents step up then things can change and it’s a fact now that kids behavior has changed over the time and it’s sad to see kids growing up in this time of era when all these other things are
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