How Hays Use Assessment In Counseling

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According to Danica G. Hays, the reason why counselors use assessments is in the view of an umbrella for evaluation methods in which counselors use to grasp the understanding in the characteristics in places, people, and things. Also, another reason why counselors use assessments is for appraisal and evaluation. Particularly, for the purpose to be conceptualized in terms of problem solving. In addition to assessments, there are various categories of assessments discussed in Hays “Assessment in Counseling” text. For example, personality and intelligence assessment. A personality assessment is research of traits related to cognition, attitudes, actions, and emotions which can be labeled as structured or unstructured. Lastly, intelligence assessments are evaluations measured by traditional definitions that include communication, reasoning, abstract thoughts, problem solving, and learning (Hays, …show more content…

Specifically, why I chose this instrument is in reasons of being family based. As for being family based, it provides assessments with standardized mechanisms to evaluate children’s sensory patterns of processing in the environments of homes, schools, and communities. Namely, how they evaluate the child’s unique sensory processing patterns of position of strength, assisting with deeper insight to help customize the next levels of intervention is through revised questionnaires. Further, the Sensory Profile 2 will aide me in my future counseling career by noticing the child’s participation at school, the community, or at home. In addition to that, it contributes important information for myself to create a comprehensive assessment in sensory strengths. Lastly, why this will aide me is due to the fact it develops effective treatment plans, interventions, and remediation strategies for my future practice (Dunn,

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