How Hazing Can Be Defined?

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Hazing can be defined “as any circumstance or deed, either with the absence or the presence of an agreement of the parties involved, from which carelessly, deliberately or inadvertently puts at risk the intellectual, educational wellness or general security of a student” (Tokar & Stewart 205). It is associated to creating a risk of injury, discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, degradation, humiliation, compromise of religious beliefs or faith and destruction of personal property of the parties involved. It is considered as a rite of passage for new students who are joining high schools and it usually prevents academic achievement, weakens confidence and can lead to emotional strain or physical harm which in turn does away with trust,…show more content…
This will lead to doing exhaustive tasks in pursuit of satisfaction of these basic needs.
The element of wanting to achieve certain status can play a major role in hazing as it is in the case of a student joining a high school. This in itself marks a transition from one status to another as it is the desire of every student to advance from one level of education to another. Moreover, the need to become a member of a group like friends, sports and study groups may necessitate a student to go out of way and do all that it takes to be accepted. In such a case, a student results in being subjected to necessary trials in becoming a member of a group, attaining the desired status and thus completing the process of building their new identity.
Protection is a need that is vital in the life of any individual. The new groups in high school gets into forced situation to be able to point out any strong character that can be relied on. During hectic times, a student will seek the company of others and in so doing; the new entrants may be forced to do things that favor the strong characters in that group. This situation assists in building up a collective dependency between such a student and their strong personality.
Hazing is also thought to increase group cohesiveness, respect to authority and discipline among members in addition to embracing loyalty. “Students seeking to join study groups or sports clubs find being tested on various group aspects including
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