How Healthcare Is An Important Industry That Is Always Needed

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Healthcare is an important industry that is always needed. Like other industries, it has to start somewhere. Organizations have to be planned, opened, and organized, healthcare providers , managers, and other employees need to be hired, and much more. One of the most important employees within an organization is the compensation specialist. Compensation specialists supervise and manage the employee compensation programs within an organization. Some of the common responsibilities include: developing the organization’s pay structure, managing and improving all bonus or commissions, and preparing job descriptions (DeCenzo, Robbins, & Verhulst, 2013). According to Samantha Smith, a compensation specialist for Rocky Mountain Sleep Clinic, the process of determining an employee’s salary is rather long and time consuming. She says that there are five steps she follows to develop the salaries within the organization. First she must review her own pay practice to help determine the budget of the company. Once this is completed, she must determine the definition and description of each job, which is later used to advertise the position during the hiring process. A proper description of each position allows for the applicants to understand what they are applying for. Employees also know what is expected of them after reading the job description. It is also important to track the competition. Salaries will vary by organization, position, and employee, but knowing where the…
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