How Healthcare Team Members ( Hctms ) Use The Adult Protective Services ( Aps ) System

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Introduction and Significance The article examined the issues that affect frail older adults who are being discharged from the hospital. When evaluating the research question it appears to be implied at the end of introduction. The author stated that the paper will indicate how healthcare team members (HCTMs) use the adult protective services (APS) system as a “safety net” when concerns are evident about an older adult’s decision concerning discharge from the hospital (Popejoy, 2008). To justify their research the author explicitly stated how healthcare workers are increasingly finding it a challenge to create discharge plans for older adults, which is due to a lack of services. Older adults make up the largest portion of patients,…show more content…
The root of the problem is how a lack of services causes older adults to be abused and neglected (Popejoy, 2008). As a result, calls to Adult Protective Services (APS) are occurring more frequently. The history of the research problem is how the majority of older patients that are discharged home or without home health care end up returning to the hospital for new medical problems, relapses, complications of treatment, adverse medication reactions and problems with caregivers or extended-care facilities (Marcantonio et al., 1999). Therefore, the background of the research problem was clearly described, since the scope and extent of previous studies were noted. The literature review was comprehensive, since the author evaluated many sources relevant to her area of research. This helped me to get an overall sense of what older studies explored and concluded. For instance, one study identified how excellent communication where health care workers are able to discover the problems older adults face at home can lead to older individuals living successfully at home. Although, there was extensive literature on this topic little still exists of how hospital staff decide the most appropriate discharge setting, or make recommendations for what to do if no appropriate discharge destination was available (Popejoy, 2008). As a result, I had a clearer understanding of why the research
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