How Heroic Than Achilles: Is Hector A Better Hero?

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The first reason Hector is a better hero than Achilles is that Hector would respect Achilles’ body if he were to die. When Hector and Achilles meet at the battleground to begin fighting, Hector tell Achilles ”I will give your body back to your loyal comrades” (Homer 22.151). This is very heroic of Hector because it was very important to respect the body of your fallen enemies, furthermore if the body does not get buried properly the dead person is forced to wander the beaches eternally. Although Hector promises to respect Achilles’ body, Achilles does says he would not do the same to Hector’s body. Hector is a respectful person even to those who do not respect him like Achilles and this shows he is more heroic.
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