Essay on How Heros and Villains Have Envolved Since Aincent Greece

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Everyone has a different perspective today about heroes and villains than what they thought back in the ancient times. During the ancient times, the Greek concept of a hero was different from our own cultures. As the years passed, the overall concept of what a hero changed dramatically then what they thought years ago. A hero is a literary figure, of course, but here, too, we need caution so that we don’t misapply our own cultural ideas and standards to the ancient Greek hero.
You may ask, what is a hero? How can you describe a villain? But everyone will have a different answer to these questions. We all have different points of views on what a hero or a villain can be. What people thought a hero was back then is way different then what …show more content…

In this poem, Archilles is aware of the possibility of receive kleos. When Odysseus goes to see Archilles, he catches him singing ‘the glories of men’. Archilles is acting as a poet and he is singing the songs about heroic deeds. Odysseus offered many riches and prizes if Archilles will return to battle. Archilles tells Odysseus (Iliad 9.410-416): “My mother Thetis tells me that there are two ways in which I may meet my end. If I stay here and fight, I shall lose my safe homecoming but I will have a glory that is unwilling: whereas if I go home my glory will die, but it will be a long time before the outcome of death shall take me.” The songs that were sung for heroes of ancient Greece and all the honors that were given to them in worship and festivals, such as athletic festivals, celebrated in their honor, are attempt to “give money” for the death of the hero. Because the death can never be made up, these honors were ongoing and never ending. These festivals are preformed on seasonally basic and anyone who participates in this worship believes that it will continue forever, and the hero to be immortalized, to live forever. What do people define the word “hero” today as? Today a hero means someone who carefully thought out and courageously overcomes a struggle, an obstacle for the help of helping others without any thinking of any danger they put themselves in.
What is the purpose of heroes? Why do we need

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