How High Performance Work Systems ( Hpws ) Mean And Does It Have An Impact On The Performance Of

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What does High Performance Work Systems (HPWS) mean and does it have an impact on the performance of an organisation? What are the components of a HPWS and are there any benefits? The essay says about HPWS generic concept and components even stating some benefits of organisational performance and few challenges faced in its application which is addresses with reference to academic journals and other sources. There are many explanations from researchers about HPWS. However, this essay tries to give reader an overview of HPWS on a broader sense. There are some important points which are highlighted in the essay though there are many aspects which can influence HPWS and its output. High Performance Work System is generally defined as…show more content…
Training also helps company to train employees with different skills which will help them to perform variety of task within the organisation. Moreover, there is a component called as incentive which is crucial for the company as eradicating this component the organisation is less likely to succeed in implementation of HPWS. To upsurge the overall performance of the organisation it has to link pay with performance so it can have greater output which will not only benefit the employees but also to company at the end. There are many options for providing incentives which includes monetary or non-monetary. However, there are three main components but in today’s world there is an inclusion on the fourth component advance way of high performance work system thanks to the ubiquity of technology today that it is considered as integral part of any development exercise in the company. It helps in communicating and sharing information within the company which is vital for business performance. Source: Expanded framework of HPWS and Organisational Performance (Evans, 2005). To improve organisational culture or performance it can be done by creating communication and co-operation. The mangers play an integral role in culture formation as the culture is implanted and transmitted in the mind, feeling, and behaviour
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