How High School English Courses Prepare Students for College English

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It was to determine how well students understood the difference between what are scholarly sources for information and what is not considered to be scholarly sources. According to St Mary's University (What is a Scholarly Journal?), a scholarly journal is also called a peer-reviewed, academic, refereed, or professional journal, is often required or preferred by professors for use in research papers or projects, and are essential for quality graduate work. Scholarly journals are heavily reviewed by subject experts in the particular field of study. The authors are researchers or scholars in the field and the credentials of the authors are listed in the articles. The audience is other scholars, professionals, or students familiar with the particular field of study. The purpose is to report original research, experiments, or theories. They are always cited, contain the references at the end of the article, and are published by professional associations who deal in the particular field. This scaling study used a population of ten high school seniors who are preparing to go to college. The sample was picked from two high schools located in the southern United States with five seniors from each high school who were asked and volunteered for the study. Because this was a…
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