How Hip Hop Artists Like Kendrick Lamar

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The 60s and early 70s was a radical era with many powerful movements taking place in which colonial people of groups like the Black Panthers who had enough injustices of capitalism. They established themselves as a voice of the people for social change and a force to be reckoned as we learned by author Jamal Joseph. Decades later we’re still in the same predicament because humanity has failed to recognize that we have such a misunderstood history of oppression throughout our society. There is a lot of aggression being felt around the US because of the uprise of police brutality, but as always music is still an outlet for self-expression for those who suffer from colonialism. I will demonstrate how hip-hop artists like Kendrick Lamar has had an impact on American culture regarding police brutality, imprisonment, and poverty by talking about these exact social problems in his music, and inspiring generation to be conscious including myself when it comes to fighting back within my own poetry.
Over the years black citizens have been victimized by this country systematic values of white supremacy that continues to claim the lives of many black American without unjustified reasoning. Law enforcement across the nation was built on this grand perception that they will “Protect and Serve,” the fact of the matter is police officers have hardly enforced this theory. The Black Panthers were formed to help reduce heinous acts and crime against the black community who feared being
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