How Hipaa Violations Affect the Medical Billing Process

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How HIPAA Violations Affect The Medical Billing Process
September 23. 2012

How HIPAA Violations Affect The Medical Billing Process
HIV and AIDS are two very serious diseases which first came known and reported in the U.S. in 1981. Today it is estimated that 1.7 million people in the U.S. have been infected with HIV since that date 619,000 people have already died from it. The CDC, (Center For Disease Control) estimates that every one in five people living with HIV, are unaware that they even have it. With a serious medical condition such as this, it is good that the HIPAA privacy act exists because the privacy of every patient’s medical information, including any information about AIDS and HIV, will be protected and is to
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For a person who has HIV or AIDS they may not want their friends or acquaintances knowing that they have it because usually when people find out about this kind of information they no longer will want to be around that person, especially is that they do not fully understand how HIV or AIDS is transmitted. It could also effect their ability to find a job if employers found about it due to the improper release of medical information. Information about HIV and AIDS is nothing like any other type of information, which is why it should remain confidential no matter whom the person is.
HIV and AIDS information is very sensitive because of the potential stigmas that are attached to having one of these conditions. One stigma would be how the person contracted the disease because some people would make the assumption that they contracted it through sexual intercourse or by sharing needles, when in reality they could have contracted the condition from their mother during childbirth. Another stigma would be that only drug users or gay men contract the condition even though this a myth, it is still a stigma. For many people who have HIV or AIDS worry constantly about people knowing and fear of being discriminated because they have this condition. It is not like people want to walk around wearing a label saying,” Hey, look at me, I have HIV”. Anyone is at risk of contracting HIV or AIDS, especially if they have a high-risk behavior. Thankfully the confidentiality of HIV and AIDS
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