How Hitler Came to Power

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Between the state of the economy and how the citizens were living all contributed to it. Most citizens at the time wanted a leader who would fix their economic crisis. Hitler was the first to promise them out of their worries. He said he would bring the economy back to how it was and bring back jobs for the citizens but in reality he had another plan in mind. He would soon be known for the genocide and murder of millions of people and be the leader of the Nazi party. Germany was originally the second most economically advanced country in the world. But things quickly changed during World War I. Germany could no longer import or export. Since Germany was receiving assistance from the United States their economy fell. The result of this was the beginning of producing their own money but, in 1923 Germany went through hyperinflation, monetary inflation occurring at a very high rate, making their money and trading worthless. At the end of the war Germany was forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles which made them give up parts of their land and pay war reparations. In 1929, the Great Depression began. Since the United States was giving loans to Germany, when the ‘Wall Street Collapse’ in the United States occurred it also brought poverty and unemployment to Germany because they wanted their money back from the Germans. Not long after was the devastation of the Germans and their poor economic crisis.…
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