How Hitler Started World War II

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Although Hitler’s motives were more clear towards the end of World War II, Adolf did tackle the unemployment and stimulate Germany’s failing economy. Once Hitler became Chancellor of Germany on January 30th, 1933 The economic policy for Hitler’s regime involved large scale borrowing for public expenditures which created railroads, canals, and the Autobahnen or the German highway network. The result of Hitler’s economic policy was more effective against unemployment than any other country. By late 1935 , unemployment was almost eliminated and by 1936 high income was pulling up prices or making it possible to raise them. By the late 1930s Germany had full employment at stable prices. This was, in the industrial world, a unique achievement. Hitler was able to anticipate modern economic policy as well, he recognized that a rapid approach to full employment is only possible if it was combined with wage and price controls. A nation oppressed by economic fears would not fare well for Hitler’s endeavors. Two days after Hitler took office as Chancellor, Adolf addressed the nation by radio and had proclaimed that the new government would “achieve the great task of reorganizing our nation’s economy by means of two great four-year plans. The German farmer must be rescued to maintain the nation’s food supply and, in consequence, the nation’s vital foundation. The German worker will be saved from ruin with a concerted and all-embracing attack against unemployment.” Hitler continued to
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