How Hiv / Aids Impacted A Nation

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Back at the household level, families are forced to redistribute whatever remaining income they have in order to care for sick family members, or to provide for themselves if the income earner has passed away. Children and youth are removed from their schooling and expected to care for the sick, grandparents expected to look after their grandchildren, and many children are left orphaned and under the care and expense of the national government. Families are socially excluded, burdened with health costs, and the overall demographic and future of Africa is changing as the youth are either contracting the virus or not able to attend school, hampering their employment options in the future. A nation specific micro level example of how HIV/AIDS impacts a nation was a study that was conducted in South Africa that determined the factual negative impact on their economy. They found these conclusions due to the HIV/AIDS disease: a lower labour force, lower productivity, a cost pressure on companies, lower incomes, lower population, decreased investment potential, an increased demand for health services and lastly a higher government expenditure on these required health services (Drimie). From this one can see how the disease can impact a nation and therefore begin to understand the macro, global impact this disease can have in the years to come if an adequate treatment or cure is not put in place to slow the spread of the HIV virus. HIV/AIDS plays a large factor in the rise of
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