How Honeywell Utilizes State Of The Art Technology Essay

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Honeywell utilizes state-of-the-art technology to help guarantee the flow of data and its delivery in order to prevent errors, which takes us to the second part of TotalPlant, which reduced defects monumentally: fail safing. Fail safing identifies defects, analyzes the root cause of these errors in business processes, and creates possible solutions. These root causes of errors can be tested to check for validity by asking three simple questions: “ is it a cause of the defect identified, is it possible to change the cause, and if eliminated, will the defect be eliminated or at least reduced” (Paper, Pendharkar, Rodger, n.d.)? After the root cause(s) have been identified, solutions must be generated and then one solution must be chosen based on greatest value; after a solution is chosen, a plan must be created to implement the solution. The solution must be checked for success in eliminating the defect through analysis via the action register, pareto charts, and histograms. Finally, the results have to be acted upon, meaning employees must determine steps for continuing this improvement and further improving it more by constantly repeating the fail safing process. The third part of TotalPlant includes the most important part of information systems as well as creating change: people. Honeywell builds its foundation off of teamwork, everyone works together and communicates their ideas in order to get things done in a timely and efficient manner with minimal errors. Each

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