How Hope Is Defined, Discussing Issues Of Measuring Hope

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Individuals diagnosed with cancer have a troubled time and experience physical and psychological pain and discomfort. Hope has been pinpointed as a necessity in the lives of people with cancer. This has been illustrated to help during their times of suffering and uncertainty. Therefore, in order to help boost hope, health care professionals need to have an intense understanding and awareness of this subject as perceived by the terminally ill patient.
There is a fine line between false hope and hope administered for psychological purposes.
Health care providers are having a rough time walking that line in terminally ill patients. This paper summarizes the important evidence pertaining to hope in an advanced cancer patients and their families. This paper reviews how hope is defined, discussing issues of measuring hope and discusses interventions that may boost hope in the case of advanced disease.
In Healthcare literature, the idea of Hope is increasing in research and discussion.
However, although deemed of vital importance to a patient’s well-being, there is little examination of how hope features within a patients ' speech. This qualitative study by Elliot and
Oliver presents the misleading properties of hope as it emerged instantaneously during a semi- structured session with 28 patients in the final stage of terminal cancer from the oncology clinic of the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia. In the context of discussions about decision-making; at the…
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