How Housework Has Changed From The 1930s To The 1970's

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From the early 19th century to now, there have been dramatic changes that altered the outlook on the way women of different class, ethnic background and status completed their form of housework. To identify the differences and similarities of the conditions and the type of work the working class housewives and the middle class suburban housewives did, I will first define what housework is. In addition, I will then further list out the most common forms of domestic labour which women were expected to do as well as the type of changes which occurred from the 1930s to the 1960s and finally to the 1970s.
In the article “Working for Pay and Managing the Household Finances” written by Denyse Baillargeon, she mentioned that “housework, by which we mean the various tasks required to feed, clothe, and care for a family, undoubtedly represents the most substantial element of women’s domestic labour” (Baillargeon 223). Hence from this …show more content…

However there were still some inequalities and discrimination women have to face today in society. From this article there was one statement which stood out to me near the beginning of the article. The statement was “We believe that the weakness of all women–that weakness that’s behind our having been crossed out of history, that’s behind the fact that when we leave the home we must face the most revolting, underpaid and insecure jobs–this weakness is based on the fact that all of us women, whatever we do, are wearied and exhausted at the very outset by 13 hours of housework that no-one has ever recognised, that no-one has ever paid for” (Costa 301). This quote describes how even though women were allowed to work, there were unfair and discriminatory actions which not only devalued women’s knowledge, and it also affected the safety of their health. Women were also often excluded from recognition and pay from the housework that they do for their

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