How Human Beings Can Conserve Primate As Valuable Species

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Animals and human beings come into contact with each other in the different environment across the world. This has been fostered by human settlement in most regions that were delegated for animals. Whenever there is a contact between human and animals, there is a chance for the development of a relationship. Although human beings are familiar with the interaction of companion animals like cats, human-animal interaction also occurs in the context of farms, laboratories and in the wilderness (Davis, Schaffner, Smith 2005). Repeated relationship can lead to developing long term friendly relationship between animals and human beings involved. Various studies have been developed in an attempt of developing the most critical and rational measures that can be utilized to enhance and develop a human-animal relationship (Campbell, Shideler, Todd, Lasley 2001). These research studies have in majority concentrated on domesticated species. This research paper is developed to critically analyze the human- primate relationship. The study critically is developed to show how human beings can conserve primate as valuable species. The primate is used to refer to the group of mammals that are intelligent and most developed in comparison to other animals. In the animal kingdom they are the beings that are closest related to humans. Primate conservation has been one of the major concerns of animal experts. The animals are intelligent and required great attention with a critical understanding

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