How Human Resource Planning Is Different From Manpower Planning? Essay

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Q1.) What is the main purpose of human resource planning? As a part of your answer describe how Human Resource planning is different from manpower planning? EXPLANATION: - Human Resource planning Different techniques and practices used by an organization to forecasts its human resource needs and make sure, that it has adequate number of skilled and suitably trained employees at all times, to perform the tasks of the organization efficiently and help it to achieve its goals. This is a process, which continuously runs in an organization. It adapts the change, which means that it keeps on changing its strategies so as to meet the uncertain conditions in an organization. Its main aim is maintain quality of workforce; therefore it requires skilled and experienced employees. Aim of Human Resource Planning: - • Identify Business Strategies, needs and conduct job analysis • To avoid manpower shortages or surpluses. • To enhance and develop the skills of the employees by conducting different training Programs. • To repeatedly monitor and improve processes by working on it • To create a proper work environment • To provide opportunities to employees for their personal and professional growth • To make incentive and benefit plans for employees so as to motivate them. • To do succession planning and make replacement plans. Man Power planning This process involves strategies and practices for effective utilization of workforce in an Organization. In this process the
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