Essay on How Humanism Transformed Individuals Role

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Throughout time an individual’s role in which he fits into society has changed. One of the most noticeable changes in an individual’s role in society occurred during the Italian Renaissance during the 14th and 15th centuries with the introduction of Humanism. Humanism gave birth to the concept of individuality a notion which is still alive today. It said that humans mattered and that now mattered, that one should not be part of a whole but rather someone that is unique. Before Humanism people only thought of the after life, of whether they were going to heaven or hell, but with the introduction of Humanism people became more involved in the present, rather then just thinking of what happened after you died. Humanism transformed…show more content…
They were also encouraged to study ancient societies such as the Greeks and the Romans, believing this was the remedy for the present society. Humanism also encouraged people to help their society by combining the talents. An example of that can be found in Florence where three humanists served as chancellors of the city. Coluccio Salutati, Leonardo Bruni, and Poggio Bracciolini used rhetorical skills to encourage Florentines to revolt against the aggression of Naples and Milan. Both Bruni and Poggio wrote flattering histories of the city. Leon Battista Alberti, another accomplished humanist scholar, was a noted Florentine architect and builder. They were encouraged to combine their skills in history, art, and literature in their every day lives. This made them see the world with a different perspective, which made them into the individuals they aspired to be. Another change that occurred during the Italian Renaissance was the artistic perspective of this world. People were no longer painting two dimensional art, and non logical portraits. A new technique, chiaroscuros a technique that involved light and shadows, gave their paintings more depth and a realistic imagery. They also made their paintings more realistic by making the objects relative to one another. They emphasised emotions and belief in a universe full of harmony. By encouraging

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