How Humans Have Affedted the Antartic Food Web

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Case-In-Point Analysis Bernetta Moss Environmental Issues and Ethics/SCI362 February 24, 2012 Instructor: Brandy Schroeder Case-In-Point Analysis Antarctica is certainly the most pristine environment left on the earth. Unfortunately this is no longer the case because of multiple human activities that have led to environmental issues and concerns such as pollution, ozone layer thinning, global warming etc. Human impact is a serious threat to ecosystem and food chain of Antarctica. In the last few decades, various marine species of Antarctic ecosystem have been brought close to extinction because of human activities in various forms such as pollution from sewage and other contaminants, overfishing and other mixed activities and…show more content…
It would have changed the situation by minimizing the adverse effects of pollution, ozone layer thinning by making humankind more aware about the issues. There are various ways by which we can protect and save the ecosystem and food chain of Antarctica: 1. Killing of Antarctic bird or mammal should be completely stopped. In some cases such as for scientific reasons it should be allowed through permit only. 2. Harmful interference with wildlife of Antarctica should be minimized. For example visitors should not be allowed to take anything in or out from Antarctica. 3. Killing of whales and seals should be totally prohibited 4. Commercial activities like fisheries should be controlled. 5. The discharge of all toxic chemicals, other wastes like sewage from ships, oily wastes, plastics and other forms of non-biodegradable rubbish should be strictly regulated and prohibited. 6. Researches have shown that Antarctica conserves valuable resources; mining should be strictly prohibited in Antarctica. 7. Environmental audits should be regularly conducted. 8. Limitation to annual tourists to Antarctica region. 9. Awareness programs should be conducted. 10. Laws on air pollution, chemical pollution should be strictly enforced to protect the environment. Above discussed are the ways by which we can save and protect ecosystem of Antarctica. Pollution is not only affecting the Antarctica but it's affecting the humankind too and causing severe damage to

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