How Humor Functions In Literary Piece. Humor Is A Literary

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How Humor functions in literary piece Humor is a literary tool that makes audience or readers laugh. But what is humorous in a literary piece differs from person to person. Humor is very important in a literary piece because it breaks monotony, boredom and arouses the interest of readers or audience. Writers use literary devices such as exaggeration or hyperbole, irony, and sarcasm to bring our humor in their workpiece. Humor is used by some writers to reveal the main character in their story or play, set the theme of their work and sometimes even the tone or style of the writer is implored by humor. In the novel"The Simple Heart" by Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880), Flaubert used a lot of humor to reveal the main character (Felicite) as…show more content…
Though it 's very humorous, Flaubert uses it to help lay emphasis on the good heart of Felicite is having. Because no servant will behave that way. Another aspect Flaubert uses to lay emphasis on Felicite 's good heart is when she takes her las breath. Because of the love she has for the parrot, she even thinks that the parrot is a holy spirit. It may seem funny though but because of her good and simple heart, that is "......when she sighed her last breath, she thought she saw an opening in the heaven and a gigantic parrot hovering around her head."(2228). Secondly, humor can be used in a story to imply the style or tone of the story. The tone being the choice of words or language used by the author. The style is also the features used by the author. Flaubert continuously makes fun of Felicite from the start to the finish. He makes sure Felicite was mentioned most in his story making his style a linear one. His choice of language is an exaggeration. How he describes Felicite physically, how he describes her character and almost everything about Felicite was exaggerated. This makes Flaubert 's work a humorous one. For instance, in describing Felicite, Flaubert says she ate"slowly gathering off the table in her finger crumbs off her loaf-a twelve-pound loaf expressly baked for her, " (2209). This is a complete exaggeration because there is no way Felicite can eat a twelve-pound loaf of bread. Flaubert uses it to enrich his story. To make readers

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