How Hunger Is Detrimental Effects And Outcomes On Children

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“Hunger is not only a threat to our nation’s public health but it also threatens the physical and cognitive development of children in our community and their potential educational attainment” ("Childhood," n.d., para. 1). This research paper will discuss various key topics on child hunger, beginning from a global health aspect and winding down to a local community aspect, which will place emphasis on Las Vegas. A literature review will be conducted on how hunger has detrimental effects and outcomes on children, including but not limited to: nutrition, learning, and education, and behavioral effects. Next, research will show what’s currently being done about child hunger and what needs to be done in the future with focus on the prevalent hunger issues facing children in the Las Vegas community and how poverty and hunger in the United States contributes to the issue of child hunger. Examples of public health organizations, primarily Three Square, who are working towards the prevention of child hunger, will be given to demonstrate civic engagement in the Las Vegas community.
From a global health perspective, world hunger is the want or scarcity of food in a country and connects to malnutrition, which is the lack of nutritional elements in a diet. When contemplating the question what is the cause of hunger around the world, one might think of factors such as access to food, geographical location, and social status. However, another key element of hunger around the world is…
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