How I Added Value?

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How I Added Value -Term Paper On the business front, this is the question every company would ask themselves before hiring people or deciding to hire people as an employee, “how can she/he add value to the organization?” The value added is the real contribution we make to the company’s business. It can be some key roles or activities, such as saved money, brought more customers, increased sales, or optimized business process. In return, by making contributions to the company, the employee get salary raises, promotions, and job security. This is a win-win solution, and is the company most want to retain. In this paper, I will list five topics that I think are very important in adding value and give some examples that happened during my…show more content…
From my perspective, generally speaking, fit in the team means make everyone comfortable. First impressions do matter, so before the first day of work I found out the dress code and dressed appropriately when I arrived. During the first day tour in company, I got to know where the restrooms are, any kitchen area I can get a cup of coffee, and where I can find printer/photocopier to help do my job. Getting my bearings can prevent me from interrupting people to ask these questions. Also, it’s important to leverage the ambition when work with other people. I am the new person in the team. Even though I have been hired because of my skills and personality, I should be very careful when work with others until I have a deeper understanding of how they communicate with each other. Improve productivity and being initiative As an employee, we are an investment. Company pays us a salary and they expect a return. The more return we bring them, the more they would like to continue investing. As an intern, I am not the one to make decision or bring in millions of business, but I do want to get more done and have a sense of accomplishment. So I require myself to improve productivity and being initiative during the limited internship period. The first project I got was to update US region multi-function printers forecast data and write the forecast report after data analysis. Thanks to the previous internship
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