How I Am A Reflective Essay

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Reflective Essay Throughout this semester, this class has taught me many things. I have learned the process of drafting and revising, how to structure my essays, how to write to a specific audience, how to make a thesis, and how to use outside resources. In the three essays I chose to put in my portfolio, I believe I have support to back up the fact that I have learned these things. Throughout my time in English Composition 111, I have learned that one of the most important things in writing is drafting. Coming into this class, my drafting included nothing more than a jumble of ideas in which I had no specific plan or structure. As you may notice in my first person essay, my final copy was nearly identical to my draft. This was because I attempted to make my draft a final paper by just writing the ideas in my head. As time went on, and eventually when I reached my cultural essay, you may notice my draft is more of an outline to what I planned in my final essay. They looked a lot different because when I revised, I was able to move paragraphs around to make the essay flow better. For example, in the draft, I planned to make a whole paragraph in the end about criticism of white rappers when, in fact, it sounded better when mixed in with talks about white privilege and slang. In my personal essay, however, I was not able to do this because it was almost impossible to change anything because the whole essay had a set structure. I have always had a problem with structure in
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