How I Build Your Computer

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The modern computer— it is responsible for many different privileges such as smartphones, the Internet, Facebook, etc. A tool as important as this one is very useful, yet, most people don 't even know how they work, let alone building one. Also, a tool like this comes with a hefty price tag. However, if you build your own, it will be much cheaper. In most cases, there is a specific use for the computer, whether it be gaming or video editing. In this complete guide, I will teach you how to build your own computer. By the way, the next few parts might be really boring, so brew up that cup of coffee, and let 's begin. I have devised simple steps for you to build your computer: Research- Even a little bit of research can help. This is very useful, especially for the next step. Searching what each part does can help building the PC. Also, seeing different tutorials on how to build a PC or how to choose parts can help later on. Choose a budget- This is the most simple and intuitive step, but it can affect the outcome of your PC. So when choosing a budget, carefully think what you 're willing to spend. Be careful to not underspend or overspend. Choose your parts- This step can be very hard for new-comers as the numbers and various parts can confuse you. So don 't be shy to ask on forums online if the parts you have selected best suit your needs. I would also recommend a website called, as it can help you check if your parts are compatible and gives the locations
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