How I Changed My Family

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At the beginning of the semester, I learned a definition of the word family. It stated that a family is any parent-child relationship that cared for each other, that was committed to being in that relationship, and considered that group to be significantly attached. I am going to explore two theories and explain how I turned out the way I did, along with why my family functions the way it does. I will also reflect on things I have learned this past semester in this class. The first theory I chose was the Attachment Theory. The attachment theory proposes that your childhood relationships forms the type of attachment style you apply to other relationships later in life. My parents have a very healthy marriage and have been married for over 25 years now. When I was born, my mom quit her job to become a full time stay-at-home mom. When it was time for me to begin school, my parents decided to home school me. I believe that all three of these things greatly influenced why I have a secure attachment style. My parents have always demonstrated how a marriage should work and have always encouraged me to pursue quality relationships. Since I was home schooled, my mom has had more influence in my life than most. She has not only been my mother, but also my school teacher. Through this, she was able to continue to discipline and nurture me while she schooled me until high school. This constant time with my mom developed a strong bond between us and that is another reason for my secure

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