How I Changed My Life And Career

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Growing up the daughter of a preacher and missionaries in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I was taught giving and helping from an early age. My mother often taught a crocheting class in our home to a group of impoverished Indian women. She was trying to empower them by giving them the tools and knowledge to create crafts that they could use to sell and support themselves and their families.
Sitting on the floor of our modest home as a teenager, surrounded by these Indian women, I did not know this would help form my life and career. At the time, I thought I was just the child of a missionary, nothing more. But now, looking back, this had a larger impact on me than I ever realized. I was being shaped unknowingly into the social worker I am today. I was being prepared through experiences with my parents and family but also learning from my parents the skills I rely on daily.
My parents were and continued to be excellent examples of compassion and giving. My father went back to school when I was in undergraduate school to pursue his Master’s in Counseling all while continuing to raise my brothers, work a full-time job and be an attentive husband. He has been and continues to be an encouragement and example to me. He felt the need, even after having a successful career as a preacher and missionary, to feel like there was still more he could do educationally so he could help others. I hope to follow in his giant footsteps and be such an example for my son.
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