How I Changed My Life

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I was raised up in a family, which has Islamic values and principals. My Father was strict for two reasons. He used to work in the Police department and I was the only boy child. I grow up with four sisters, which made me feel lonely. However, this encouraged me to be a very social person. About my Mother, she is the source of warmth and kindness in my life in a way that created a good balance in my life. She also played a great role to shape my personality. For example, she always motivated me to invest my free time to sell some traditional food, which made me fall in love with marketing since my I was a child. It also made me an easy-going person and competitive. There are three milestones in my life that changed my beliefs and limits and drive me to have a better life. First of all, when I was hired in marketing, I had to deal with many different people from different backgrounds, such as doctors, engineers, traders, judgers, princes and employees in privets and public departments. They all had a lot of thoughts, ambitions, and experiences. Having been a good listener, I collected a lot of good hints and thoughts to build my own business journey. I was able to specify my needs and how to search and enrich my knowledge. As a result, I shaped my social and strong characteristics. I started to develop my strength points to succeed. My second milestone is when Allah gave me my first daughter. I started realizing that I had to balance between my life and work, which made me

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