How I Changed My Life

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This semester has been a transition. I changed from a junior college to a university. My classes shifted from pre-requisites to classes pertaining to my major. I have also escaped the dorm life and moved into an apartment. All this change has come with bountiful knowledge. I have had many learning experiences, both social and academic. This year has been a growing experience. I have worked on developing as a student and broadening my relationships. My semester starting off by moving into The Connections apartment complex. I moved in with one of my friends from high school and my other two roommates were potluck. I have always heard that it is never good to move in with one of your friends. I was worried about this because the friend I moved in with has really bad depression. I have tried hard to interact with her but she is convinced that she social anxiety and cannot leave her room. Thus, her depression has gotten worse. Pot-luck is always a risk, but thankfully I met one of the most amazing people because of it. However, my other pot-luck roommate is big into cocaine and molly. She is very aggressive and suicidal. Her emphasis on the inability to see eye to eye and her feelings of envy evolved into this machine of spiteful hatred that became all-consuming. It overtook and corrupted her mind. She could not bear the thought of someone else’s success and happiness being greater than hers. Self-absorption became the lead in her life. However, she refused to

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