How I Changed My Life

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Many say that you become the person you want to be, but what if you don 't realize you became the person you hated the most?.When you 're younger you see,hear,and touch things that you don 't realize change the person you are today.I had many relationships, but one girl has changed my life in a way that i never imagined.In all my relationship before I wouldnt stay for long; i was always figuring why go out with someone if your not happy.Which brings me to, one of the most vivid memories when I was younger my parents were always fighting; it was a normal thing. My parents were together for a while they loved each other, or so it seemed but I just thought they were together for us. My brother and I grew up really close; he would babysit while my parents were at work which was often.Seeing my parents fight wasn 't something I thought was weird or uncommon it 's just something married people or couples did.I always thought If you 're not happy why stay with each other what 's the point. For one thing, my parents didn 't show affection towards each other; they never had. They were just together, which didn 't bother me just seemed weird.Im pretty sure they stayed and are still together because of us, but It never really mattered to me if they were together or separated. While I see their relationship keep going forward, then i started noticing my brother relationship with his girlfriend. Their relationship was known by everyone in high school, they were either having a good

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