How I Changed My Life

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In life you’re always wishing to be older or younger because of the struggles you’ve faced and even when we’ve over come those struggles new ones approach causing us to go in a circle of feelings. I’ve gone through my childish years, the adolescent years, and now can’t wait to plan for the future adulthood years. Though without the great support systems I have in my life I wouldn’t have been able to get past my struggles without them. I like to think that the struggles I’ve over come so far have prepared me for the journey ahead. As a child everything is happy and everything is so easy, luckily in our lives and we feel invincible. I’ve always felt that anything I was involved could never be tainted by the bad in the world that I was oblivious to. But the lesson in life of actions have consequences made me realize the oblivion I was in wasn’t something that would last. I lived in a small town and I only talked to the kids that lived in Grand Mound so I had a very small friend group. That made me very shy for when I went to Ekstrand in Dewitt with all of these new faces that I have never seen before. I was very shy as a child and I still am to this day. I never had to face any difficult tragedies through out my child hood like parents getting divorced. My parents did fight but they would always get through their disagreement. We are a family of three and I am the only child so my parents gave me a lot of attention. I will always be close with my parents (Rathus, 2010).
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