How I Changed My Life

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However, not too long after that I coincidentally changed my mind. It was the day that we were in touch. As unexpected as it felt for you it felt just as unexpected for me. We recalled how the timing just seemed so crazy. Who would have known? I kept thinking of “school and work”. I kept thinking of how I seemed content. I even thought about how I didn’t plan to even date anytime soon. Little did I know I was wrong. It’s funny how that worked out. The timing was during one of the toughest times of my life. For a while I was unable to feel a sense of being okay. I felt like all of the bad that could possibly happen consistently did. I didn 't think that anything good would come. There weren 't many signs that directed me to feeling like the days could get better. In the midst of these things you entered my life. You helped me realize that things do get better. You listened to what I felt were my annoying venting moments about how down I’ve become.
My sad days became better days. I began to have a sense of happiness again. You made me think and reconsider things. Sure I’ve always felt like I’ve had it all planned out, but you helped me realize important things that I tended to overlook. You encourage me, support my ideas and goals, and tend to tell me to make sure I make time for myself and family. Whether you know it or not, you’ve made a difference in my life. Thanks for encouraging me to continue to make the best decisions. Thanks for your positivity when I feel like I’m

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