How I Changed My Life Essay

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It was a typical Wednesday night and i was on my phone like any other 18 year old teenager. I was laying in my bed thinking about my next move in life. For most it would be enjoying college and starting a new chapter in our lives. But these were not my priorities at the time. For i was on the verge of becoming a father. As i began to think about how my life was going to change. I got extremely nauseous and felt like throwing up. I mean how could i provide for another human being while being in school. I started to panic but then i thought about how my parents said they would be with me every step of the way to ensure i finish college. I then tried to shake off these feelings so i got up grabbed my old nike backpack that had a bright white stain on it. That was handed down to me as a present from big sister who once used the very same nike backpack when she was in college ten years ago. After i grabbed my backpack from my old wooden closet. I turned around and realized how messy my room was. My eyes wandered around landed on the diapers my mom bought on sale. I couldn 't help but laugh and think about how i was going to be a dad soon. i then turned around and stared at my St. Catherine 's high school diploma and thought about all the fun times i had in school. And how i was the big cheese that left school now I 'm a young adult ready to take on college. Although, i was young i had just accomplished graduating from a private high school. I then proceeded to walk out the door

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