How I Changed My Life

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“Unblock Me” – “Unblock Me” – “Unblock Me.” This is how I have paralleled my life – to a popular app called “Unblock Me”. The main objective of this game is to clear a path for a red block by sliding the other blocks out of the way, all while moving as little as possible to achieve the highest score. Although moving as little as possible could get one the highest score, the game allows one to move as much as needed. I played this game often as a child. Back then, I only understood the purpose of the game as moving the blocks out of the way with minimal moves. The more I played this game as I got older, I constantly changed my methods. I reflected on my moves with urgency because of the timer and I moved with diligence because the numbers of moves that were recorded. Still with these techniques, I did not fully understand the way to reach the maximum score of 500, which is the ultimate win.

Throughout high school, it seemed as if obstacles surrounded me. At every turn I was attempting to move every block around me in order to succeed. I wrestled to figure out the best ways to accomplish goals. I learned to take extra time to study and practice in order to obtain good grades. I worked twice as hard in every aspect of my life, in my academia and extracurricular activities. Then another block got in my way – my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2009. Although her diagnosis was a setback, it sparked my interest in medicine. Due to early detection, my mother was

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