How I Changed My Life

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Old man Mr. Youssef changed my life forever when he introduced me to electronic engineering. His knowledge, confidence, enthusiasm, and character was unique enough for others to mirror. He knew how to dance salsa with the heavily populated Hispanic population of my high school. He smoked cigars and stank of cigarettes, but the young men and women in the classroom were blinded by the smell. Moreover, this 6 foot 5 inch giant made a difference in my life by molding me into a perspective student who now has a dream of becoming an engineer. Furthermore, Mr. Said Youssef was broad, had a disgustingly potent smell, and looked so dirty stray dogs would frown upon him. He was also close to 350 pounds, which made his walk obnoxious and disturbing. However, everyone loved him because of his passion for education and his leadership skills. 80 students trailed along his rainbow of knowledge, following him into a deep hole of thinking that one must beg to leave. This deep pit of thinking was his classroom. Students in my high school called it the “Youssemporium.” Critical thinking and insight of student’s careers originated here. Everyone loved it. Whenever I entered his classroom throughout my 10th grade academic year, Mr. Youssef gave me a hard look. His look was mean, dirty, yet thoughtful. He also had a strong body odor, projecting him as different. In other words, he was very different from what the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) wanted him to be. My ignorance

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